Insuburban Avenue


The music business is a rapidly changing and at times, unforgiving world. Without the help of others, it can be an extremely difficult world to navigate through. We are honored and most thankful to have had the following people and organizations in our lives acting as our compass to help guide us along the way.

Special thanks to:
Adisen Johnston for getting us together as a band, Jen Johnston of JDesigns, Louie Galarza and Louie G’s Pizza, Grant Anderson & Rehearsal Works/The Live Room, Wes Schuck & Two Fish Studios, Copycats Media, Chris Meadors & The Chops Shop, Paul Manuel & PSMFYA, Jared Dines Recording Studio, Pamela Moore, Rikk Beatty, Joe Black & Blackstar Productions, Ted Chamberlain, Justin Nettlebeck, NWCZ Radio, Josh and Corey at JRC Studios, Pepe O’Baya and Red Door Presents, Pacific Studios, KGRG Radio, Joe Wilson, Chris Pederson, Lyn Graciano, John Waddington and KTSK Radio, and DJ Brown. Most of all, we can’t thank our parents enough for their amazing patience, positive influences and unlimited support since day 1. Thank you!